Nr.66 ended with: “It may surprise or shock you what a catholic seminary professor, who later became a bishop told me……!” (See

It happened at a home Bible study. About 25 catholic people were present, as also the local priest who had brought this seminary professor along. The priest was upset because some of his people were leaving the Catholic Church. I taught my Bible study and then after having answered some questions, I asked the professor whether he believed the Bible to be the word of God. No, he said, I believe the Bible contains the word of God. In other words there are things in there from God but there are also many historical mistakes and there is a lot of scientific nonsense in the Bible, especially in the O.T. I was quiet for a moment and then answered him by saying that Jesus accepted the Bible as the word of God, Jesus believed in Adam and Eve, in Noah and the flood and so on. You know what he answered?

He said, oh yes, but Jesus didn’t know any better either, He was a child of his times, a first century man and in those days they didn’t know much about history or science. I can tell you, I became upset and I told him that I found it hard to believe that God the Father would allow His perfect Son to teach all kinds of historical mistakes and scientific nonsense. It became very quiet in the room as these catholic people were shocked at what their professor, who some time later became bishop, believed. I realized then what a mission field Belgium was. However, much good came out of this meeting, as a number of these folk became true born again Christians.

How different is my faith, I believe the Bible to be the word of God from cover to cover and I take it as literal as possible. Be careful, I said, as literal as possible, but lots of times it is not possible, such as some of the statements of Jesus, “I am the door” or “I am the true vine” and other. But thus, the Bible is living and powerful, able to change lives.

But there was something else that really shocked us………! (Go to Musings)


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