Nr.64 ended with: “After they had settled in, we visited them a number of times praying and talking together and we started to slowly sense God’s leading……..!” (See

It became clear to the four of us that the Lord was leading us to work together in church planting in Belgium. And yes, we now had the three things we had wanted and prayed for: 1. A strong home church, Wallenstein Bible Chapel. 2. Many people all over Canada praying for us. And 3, Gifted co-workers.

So, we were now ready to move to Belgium, our hearts were thrilled, this was the place God wanted us to be. Belgium, in Western Europe, in so-called Christian Europe. We knew of people back in Canada who wondered why we had gone to Europe to be missionaries. Africa needed missionaries, and Asia and Latin America, but Europe? Had the gospel not come from Europe? Had not many good preachers in North America come from Europe? But someone said once, “No country is as dark as where the light has gone out.” Try it out for yourself, a room seems much darker once the light has been on and turned off.  And in Europe the light has gone out, at least in much of Europe, especially the Catholic part.

It didn’t take long to find a house to rent in Edegem, a suburb of Antwerp and so, on Dec.23, 1971 we moved from Holland to Belgium. Again it was quite an adjustment. Our co-workers, the Schindelka’s lived about 20 minutes drive from us on the other side of Antwerp. We had gotten in touch with a small assembly in Mechelen, south of Antwerp and for several months we attended there, but at the same time we started evangelizing in and around Antwerp. Because Lillian Schindelka was born in Belgium, she had contact with her family and a nephew and his wife became Christians. Herb and I started going from door to door to find out how people in Belgium thought about God and Jesus and so on. Two things really surprised us, or should I say shocked us……..! (Go to Musings)

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