Nr.158 ended with: “You see, our God is alive and well, He is real indeed, what about yours……….?” (See

Yes, God is real indeed, we experienced that in so many different ways, small ones and large ones. We experienced that in the inward peace He gave us, in guiding us in such wonderful ways, in the conversion of so many people, different kinds of people, and the changes that happened in their lives. But also in our financial situation to which I have referred before, but to which I want to come back now as we had been in Belgium for more than 10 years. As you may know we did not have a set salary, we lived from gifts of the Lord’s people in Canada and a few in the USA. We trusted God to move the hearts of people. During those years the value of the dollar in regards to the Belgian Frank, now replaced by the Euro, changed quite a bit.

I think it was during our second year that the Canadian dollar was worth about 74 francs, but it didn’t stay there very long. It started going down to 50 francs and then to around 40, where it stayed for quite some time. Before the Euro came, in the dollar had gone down to 22 francs, can you imagine? And now comes the amazing thing, as the value of the dollar went down, our support went up and more and larger gifts came in, without our supporters realizing what was going on. It was really incredible. I have to be honest, as the dollar went down, we worried at times as to what would happen to us, but time and again, more support came in to make up for the loss, really amazing. We discovered that there was indeed Someone working behind the scenes and directing all this, praise God!

And this has continued through the years right up to the present. I will tell you more later. But it hasn’t always been easy and we have known difficult times too, we have not always been able to buy what we would have liked to have had, but He never promised to meet all our wants, He did promise to meet all our needs, and He has been faithful, and we thank and praise Him, as well as the people who allowed themselves to be used by Him to help us.

We have to honestly admit that there are many things about God and His ways we don’t understand, but we know that He is and “that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” Hebr.11:6. He has proven Himself many a time to us and we’ll tell you more later……………….! (Go to Musings).

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