Nr.147 ended with: “So, in a way, with a bit of a heavy heart I went again, wondering what I was going to hear this time! I could have never guessed what was going to come out of this, wait until you hear that…………..!” (See

When I arrived at Tony’s house, the door opened and I received a warm welcome. The coffee was real good again and I enjoyed it. This time Tony wasn’t eating anything and I could understand him much better. We got talking about the Bible and I noticed a tremendous interest and sensed that God had been working in his heart. The matter of the poisonous trees came up and he wondered why his little pig had died, while he was o.k. I explained to him first of all that when Eve said that they were allowed to eat of every tree, except the tree of knowledge of good and evil, she was speaking before the fall, before they sinned, when everything was still “very good.” But after they rebelled and sinned against God, the whole earth was affected, in fact it says in Gen.3 that the earth was cursed and would bring forth thorns and thistles.

Then I told him that there were two possibilities why nothing serious had happened to him, one being that he had a very strong constitution. The other, God working a miracle and protecting him, seeing he had done this in innocence, and because the Lord still had plans with him. I said that I believed the latter to be true, God had spared him to give him a chance to be saved and to be used of God. Looking at him and listening to him, I wondered whether he wasn’t saved already, even though he did not really know the gospel. Is that possible? Well, it happened to me, I didn’t know the gospel, I just surrendered to God and gave my life to him and a tremendous change took place. Someone told me two weeks later that I was saved and I asked what that meant! When the gospel was explained to me I was just thrilled and I have learned that God isn’t in the first place interested in what’s in our heads, but what’s in our hearts. I had a wonderful time with Tony and Christiane that afternoon. I get tears in my eyes when I think back to it, I sensed God’s presence. And much would be happening yet, within 5 years there would be 5 churches in West Flanders with many, many new Christians and it all began in this living room, unbelievable. Too bad I have to stop now, I’ll tell you about it next time………! (Go to Musings).

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