Nr.100 ended with: “And so we sought the Lord as to a possible move and the starting of a new church in Beerse! How would He lead? Excitement was growing.!” (See

We prayed, but at the same time we worked hard, not only holding Bible studies and visiting people, but also fixing up the mill in Beerse so as to get it ready to start a new church. And work there was, beginning with fixing some of the places where the water was coming in. We did not start with the large flat roof above the hall, but worked on the round tower first, and we soon had the place dry. Then there was the painting, putting in a decent floor and floor covering and we were pretty well ready to start meeting there. It was exciting indeed! Several people from Antwerp helped and also some from in and around Beerse and from even further away.

The inner conviction for a move increased, as did the need, because of all the driving I did to Beerse and Limburg for studies and visitation. And because of the growing interest in Limburg, I already was praying and planning for a church there. We prayed much, alone and with others, and confirmation from others also strengthened our conviction. We read God’s word and nothing came up that seem to indicate that we were on the wrong path. The more we read the Word, the greater the inner peace. All the while praying the words of Exodus 33:15, “If Thy presence go not with us, carry us not up hence.” We really meant that, it wasn’t an easy way of saying, “Oh well, if the Lord doesn’t want us to move He’ll stop us.” No, it was the constant cry of our hearts. We discussed it time and again with our co-worker and some of the people of the Antwerp church and they were all in agreement and so the decision was made to move to Beerse after the children finished the school year in June. A lot of work would have to be done to the house part of the mill before we would be able to move in during July or August. However, there was one real problem……! (Go to Musings).

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