Nr.88 ended with: “The next evening I went back to bring them a Bible as they did not have one. I rang the door bell and the woman appeared at the door with a big smile on her face ……..!” (See

I looked at Mieke (not real name) and asked, “How are you?” “Real good” she answered, “last night after you left my husband and I talked until 2 am and then prayed and accepted Jesus.” “Well, that’s wonderful”, I replied, “and how did things go today?” Oh, very good” she answered, “but you know Richard; at my work do people ever swear.” Then I was the one to smile and said, “Well, isn’t that something, that they just started doing that today?” She looked at me with wide open eyes and began to laugh. I explained to her that they had been doing this all the time, but she had never heard it. Now that the Holy Spirit had come to live within her, her ears had been opened. I told her also that there would be more surprises yet. Sometime later I started a Bible study in their home as they were living in another town. Her sister and husband became interested and attended; they in turn talked to friends who started coming.

I had rented a hall in Beerse and held two evangelistic meetings there, each time showing a Moody science film followed by me preaching. A young man, Jeff (not real name) was there and started coming to the Bible studies at André’s; he brought his girlfriend along and a little later another friend. In the mean time, Mieke’s husband had talked to his brother in Eastern Belgium, in the province called Limburg and I was invited to their home. I will come back to this next time, but as you can see “the ball really started rolling”, it was so exciting to meet these interested and curious people. God was at work! Then a colleague of Mieke talked to her about his wife who was having such a hard time and had come to the point of wanting to commit suicide, in fact, one day while he was at work she left a note for her husband and walked to the canal……………! (Go to Musings).

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