Nr.87 ended with: “AMAZING! All the wonderful and at times miraculous provisions from the Lord. God is real! Hallelujah!” (See

Last week I wrote that I’m running ahead of myself a bit and that we’re now into 1974, but we need to back up a little to the fall of 1973. It is 1½ years since the Antwerp church was started and it was doing real well and growing. Both my co-worker and I held home Bible studies and people were being saved, baptized and becoming part of the church, it was wonderful to see. I had also started a Bible study in Beerse, a town about 35 km east of Antwerp. A couple had agreed to open their home for a study. The man, André (not real name), witnessed to his employer, who, together with his wife started attending. André and his wife talked to a young woman on the train and she started attending. This lady talked to some friends, a young couple about this “new faith”, as some called it.

I visited them in their home on a Monday evening when the Jehovah Witnesses were there. I have met with J.W. many a time and always told them that we would only discuss two things, one, was and is Jesus really God, and two, what must we do to receive eternal life? So that evening also, they showed a number of Bible texts that talk about Jesus’ humanity. I then showed a whole lot more about His deity, two important ones, in Isaiah 44:6 where God says that He is the First and the Last, while in Revelations it says that Jesus is the First and the Last. They had no idea what to do with that. Then also in Is.44:8, God says that He is the Rock and there is no other, but in the N.T. it says that Jesus is the Rock. Since there is only One Rock, ……?! After some discussion they became very upset and left. I stayed and explained the gospel to the couple and then drove home. The next evening I went back to bring them a Bible as they did not have one. I rang the door bell and the woman appeared at the door with a big smile on her face ……..! (Go to Musings)

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