Nr.7 ended with: “What a new and different life I had discovered! And yet there was something strange, something I didn’t understand……..!” I had now tasted the fellowship with other Christians and so I started going to every meeting I could find, 3 times on Sunday and also during the week, I just couldn’t get enough, I had such a spiritual hunger. But as I listened I heard over and over again that we need to confess our sins and ask the Lord Jesus to come into our hearts. That’s what bothered me, because, your see, I hadn’t done that there out in the field. I had not confessed my sin, nor asked Jesus to come into my heart. I had just surrendered to God, I had told Him that I was finished with myself and that He could have me. So I wondered whether I really was a Christian. At the same time, my experience of God’s presence and the tremendous change in my life had been so real and radical that there was no other explanation than the three letter word GOD. But now I understand it. You see, all sin, whether it is lying, stealing, adultery or whatever, is disobedience to God, it is really rebellion against God. Romans 5:10 says that we are enemies of God; we are rebels, even though we may not see ourselves that way. And what happened out in the farmer’s field was that a rebel surrendered to God. That’s what conversion is all about! We have made ourselves god, we do what we want to do, “I, me and myself”, the holy trinity of man! But now we surrender and allow God to be God in our lives. I meet many people, who say they are Christians, but they experience little of God and I believe it may be because there is that lack of surrender. Oh yes, they have accepted Jesus, but they still run their own lives just as before. How is that with you? I was finished running my own life and now I was about to find out what it means to have God run my life, exciting indeed! My first steps of faith and my first experience of a God who answers prayer and provides……….! (Go to Musings)

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