Nr.90 ended with: “Then a man got up and began to speak about revolution. Her husband whispered, “We’re in the wrong place here, this guy is a communist……..!” (See

Marianne looked at her husband, who through all the difficulties had stayed true to her, and said, “I would really like to hear what he has to say.” He agreed and they stayed. The speaker said that before continuing he wanted to go back to the film for just a few comments. He explained that one of the most important things a pilot has to learn is “flying blind,” which means that he is not to go by his feelings, but by the instruments on the panel in front of him. When pilots are flying through thick mist or clouds, they will lose their feeling of direction. One of them may say that they are climbing, while the other will disagree and argue that they are descending. The speaker applied this to us people, who seem to be flying through a mist and have lost their sense of direction. One will say that there is a God, while another will disagree. One will believe that there is life after death, while another argues that death is the end. Who do we listen to, there are so many opinions? But God has given us a dashboard with instruments, the Bible, and we need to heed that.

Then the speaker, I Richard, changed the subject. I knew that there were a number of younger people present who had communistic ideas. I told them that I wanted to speak about a word that could very well be the most important one in their dictionary, namely “Revolution.” Many nodded approvingly! I said that I had looked up the word and found two very good definitions. The first was, “Revolution, a total rotation or turn around.” Again nods of approval. The second, “Revolution is the overthrow of the present government and the establishing of a new one.” Many cheered!  I continued, I agree wholeheartedly with you, what we need is a total turn around and the overthrow of the present government and the setting up of a new one. There is only one thing on which we differ…….!”

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