Nr.6 ended with: “It was only when I went to a Youth for Christ meeting that I found out about what had really taken place……..!” That was the first evangelical meeting I attended in my life and I was thrilled. The singing and the atmosphere were just wonderful, it all really touched me. But then the leader stood up and asked for testimonies. I had never heard that word before, it isn’t used in the barnyard and house construction, J, so I bumped the fellow sitting beside me and asked him what a ‘testimony’ was. He told me that people go up to the front and tell what God means to them and has done in their lives. “Can I go too” I asked him. “Sure” he said. So I walked up front, a bit shaky, stood in front of the microphone and told people that about two weeks ago I had given my life to God out in the field and that He had come in my heart and that this was just wonderful! That’s all I could say, so I sat down. After the meeting an elderly lady, and I mean elderly, skinny as can be, looking like she was already half way in the grave, came to me, pushed me onto a chair, put her skinny, bony finger on my chest and said, “Now Richard, you are saved.” I looked at her in astonishment and asked, “Saved, from what?” So she began to explain the gospel to me, telling me that I had sinned, just as if I didn’t know that already, and saying that because of my sin I was lost. But that God had sent His Son Jesus, Who died for me on the cross and paid for my sin. “And”, she said, “Jesus also rose from the dead and has now come to live within you.” Wow, talk about good news! Of course, she told me a lot more and I drove home that night almost in a daze, I was overwhelmed and at the same time overjoyed. What a new and different life I had discovered! And yet there was something strange, something I didn’t understand……..! (Go to Musings)

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