No.2 ended with: “Looking back now, I realize that God was already at work in my heart then, driving me to the edge, so that I would seek and find Him. I know now also from more than 50 years experience that God is much more active than we realize, working behind the scenes.” Maybe God is working behind the scenes in your life too. Maybe He is trying to get your attention? Maybe He is driving you to the edge of despair, so that you will seek and find Him. Are there strange unexplainable things happening in your life? Could it be Him? One night I walked into a restaurant and the jukebox was playing, “What am I living for if not for you?” That gripped my heart and haunted me day and night. “What am I living for?” “What am I living for?” I went back to work on one of the farms in Harriston where I had worked before. I met a young man, a brother of what had been my best friend, but we didn’t have much contact anymore because his parents figured I had a bad influence on him. This young man told me to read the Bible. I laughed, reading the Bible is for old grandmothers and little children. I had lived with my grandparents for a while when attending Agricultural College in Holland, and my grandfather had the habit of reading a chapter out of the Bible everyday after dinner, as was custom in many Dutch homes, it was the most boring moment of the day! However, those words also kept resounding in my head, “Read the Bible.” Finally I looked for the little New Testament my mother had given me along when I left Holland. Half the page was in Dutch, the other half in English. I started reading and sure didn’t understand much, but it was funny, the more I read, the more I wanted to read. There is some mysterious power in that book! Not only did it seem to draw me to read it more and more, it started doing something in my heart. A real struggle started! (Go to Musings)

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