Coming July, 2013 I will have been a Christian, or rather a follower of Jesus, as the word Christian doesn’t mean much today, for 53 years. Just to give you a brief background, I was born in the Netherlands with wooden shoes on and tulips coming out of my ears. 🙂 I experienced the Second World War as a scared little boy. When I was 18 I graduated from Agricultural College and immigrated to Canada. Why did I do that? For one, I wanted to farm and that wasn’t possible in Holland, one of the most densely populated countries in the world, that’s why I got to be so tall, one cannot grow sideways, only upwards! 🙂 Secondly, I was looking for adventure, and thirdly I wanted to be free, away from my parents, just to be able to do what I wanted. For two years I lived a bit of a wild life with a lot of drinking and what goes with it. First I worked on two farms in Harriston, Ont. and then in house construction in Walkerton, Ont. But I got pretty fed up there and felt my life was empty and useless. I made good money, received it on Friday night and by Monday morning most of it was gone. Some of my fiends were married, had children, got divorced and lived unhappy lives. I wondered whether this was all that life had to offer and I began to think about suicide. Looking back now, I realize that God was already at work in my heart then, driving me to the edge, so that I would seek and find Him. I know now also from more than 50 years experience that God is at work much more than we realize, working behind the scenes. (Go to Musings)

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