Nr.11 ended with: “However, about one or two weeks before leaving, I was short of a certain amount. So what to do now? My prayer was, “Lord are you there, are you real, can I trust you?” The answer came in a much unexpected way…….!”

About one week before leaving I went to a meeting, one of the last ones, and after the meeting a lady came to me and gave me an envelope saying that she was suppose to give this to me. I had no idea who she was, neither whether this envelope came from her or someone else. When I got into my car to go home, I opened the envelope and in it was money, the exact amount I still needed! I almost fell over, how did she know, or anyone else for that matter, what I still needed? It was absolutely amazing! Unbelievable!

Now when this happens once, one can say, that was chance or luck. But when this happens again and again over more than 50 years, one comes to the conclusion, God is there and He is very real indeed!

Just imagine, I took my wife and three daughters to Europe in 1971 without a fixed salary or income. We had no idea where our money would come from. Our home church sent us support which came to about 25 to 50% of what we needed, but where would the rest come from? Some would say that it had been very irresponsible of me to do that. Maybe, but don’t forget, we had then already lived about 10 years like that and we had seen God provide again and again, not just with finances but also in many other ways. We knew He could be trusted! We have never asked anyone for money, even though we have had a few weak moments, we have always gone to the Lord. And He has met our needs, not our wants! Now don’t get me wrong, I do not judge others who may feel they need to solicit for money, each one according to the faith God has given. But I am so glad I discovered God is real indeed!!! More of this later. (Go to Musings)

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