Introduction: I am in my seventies and my granddaughters say I’m old! I don’t think so, but I guess in their eyes I am. So we’ll leave it like that. I know that I am still young of heart and that’s most important. I will always put “Older” in quotation marks. They laughed when they saw that I was on Facebook and said, “That’s cool.” In fact, one of them said, we have a “hip” grandpa. Great! When I tell people I am on Facebook, some smile, others laugh and some frown! Great! Now I’m also going to post them on this website. My wife and I were just married 50 years (in 2012) and we have been serving the Lord together for all those years. We would like to share some of our experiences and answers to prayer with the purpose of showing that God is really real! Every time I will have two posts, one in English and one in Dutch. I will number them; this is number 1, so you can follow. There will probably be 1 or 2 each week, we’ll see. If you enjoy these posts, and we hope you will, please pass them on and/or share them with others. (Go to Musings)

One thought on “MUSINGS OF AN “OLDER” MAN. Nr.1

  1. “Old” is a state of mind, but then my mind is a bit old. Congratulations on the post. After my neighbor put in a satellite system for internet my son built my blog and said I should write about my days living in the wilderness so whenever I could get to her system I wrote and eventually other people started to visit.. You are right you can spread God’s word through the use of the blog. I have ‘seeded’ many a posting with connections to our Lords work and just maybe another reader somewhere will be touched…good luck..

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