ASKING FOR PRAYER. Last week I mentioned Marina not being well. Some are wondering what is wrong with her. Marina has Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common type of dementia, for which there is no cure. AD changes the brain and causes severe memory loss, confusion and other symptoms, see Google. Marina did not want people to know this as there is a stigma around mental health. However, this mentality has been changing, thank God. In any given year, here in Canada one out of every five has mental problems, and one out of three older than 65. I have told my dear wife that just as some have heart problems, other have problems with their brain. This is no fault of her. She is very weak and warn out and gets discouraged and depressed. That’s why I am asking my friends to pray for us, for strength and peace. We continue to rejoice in the Lord and have a fantastic future, but we need strength for the last stretch of the road. This is really serious, I have dealt with lots of problems during my life and ministry, but this tops it all, please pray. Thank you to those who have been praying for us.