I feel very privileged to be allowed to speak this Sunday. This time of the year is really special to Marina and I as we are celebrating knowing WBC some 50 years now. We are not sure about the exact date, but we know that about 50 years ago the Lord brought us in contact with WBC. I was Pastoring two Missionary churches just south of Collingwood. While there I held a week of special meetings in the missionary church in Palmerston.  Some Dutch people from Drayton attended and were saved. I also held a weekend of meetings in Drayton and a meeting in the high school in Elmira. Some folk from WBC came to these meetings and that’s how we came to know about WBC. When finished up North, we moved to Drayton and came into fellowship at WBC.

Soon after joining the church, the elders commended us to fulltime service for the Lord and for all these years these dear people have prayed for us and helped us financially. Many people in Belgium and also in other places have come to know the Lord because of this church. So we thank WBC for their wonderful service to us and for the Lord. We pray that Almighty God will continue to bless this church.


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