Nr.8 ended with: “I was finished running my own life and now I was about to find out what it means to have God run my life, exciting indeed! My first steps of faith and my first experience of a God who answers prayer and provides……….!” But before I begin to tell you about my exciting adventure with God, I have a word of warning. Sometimes when I have told my story, someone has come to me and said, “Richard, you make me wonder whether I am a Christian because I never had an experience like you.” Be careful! Why do we not all have the same experience? 1. We are all different in our make up, psychologically too and therefore we experience God and spiritual things in different ways. 2. God deals with each one differently. Think of Saul, later called Paul in Acts 9, and Lydia in Acts 16. Saul had a light from heaven and Jesus speaking to him, while in Lydia’s case it says that “the Lord opened her heart”, what a difference. 3. It depends partly on how much we have resisted God and how great the surrender is. Saul was fighting against Jesus, Lydia was a quiet worshiper. I was resisting God, my wife accepted Jesus as a young girl in a quiet way. My experience was much more dramatic than my wife’s, but she is just as saved as I am! One of the most important reasons I had resisted God was, because deep inside I “knew” that God would call me to preach if I surrendered to Him and I was scared stiff of that. How did I know that He wanted that for me? I don’t know, I just “knew.” So, here I was, and I said to the Lord, here I am, what’s next? Well, I got back in contact with my former friend Martin and with another young man, Henry who had done one year of the Bible college in Saskatchewan. We talked and prayed together and we sent for the application forms. The question was, would they accept someone like me who had just become a Christian. And not only that, but where would I get the money to go? I had none……………………! (Go to Musings)

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