Nr.5 ended with: “What a transformation! Could this really last?” Yes, what a change, incredible! I had indeed received a new “heart”, a new inside, new life, amazing, and how real it was! All at once I could in a way “see” God, “feel” God, “hear” God, “taste” God and understand Him. It was like getting a 6th sense. Much like being in a room, which is filled with radio waves, but you cannot hear the music and the voices. However, when you turn on your little radio, there is the music and there are the voices. With our 5 senses we cannot receive those radio waves, we need something outside ourselves to receive them and change them over so we can hear them. So it is with God, we cannot sense Him with our 5 physical senses; we need something outside ourselves to reveal Him to us. We need His Spirit to come into us and then we begin to sense Him. People have told me, I don’t see God, feel, hear, smell, taste or understand God. I tell them, well you are proving what the Bible says about being dead, spiritually dead. A dead person cannot see, hear, feel, smell, taste or understand. I became alive and what a change that wrought! And it was SO real! And that new life was hungry, so I began to devour the Bible. But I also wanted to talk about my new life. Some nights after work I would drive up and down the highway looking for a hitchhiker so I could talk to him about God and my new found life. People around me began to notice the tremendous change in my life style and wondered what had happened to this wild flying Dutchman. They saw the change on the outside, but I was much more aware of the change on the inside. And yet, I did not really know what had happened to me. Oh yes, I had met God and surrendered to Him and He had come to live within me, but for the rest I was still quite ignorant. It was only when I went to a Youth for Christ meeting that I found out about what had really taken place……..! (Go to Musings)

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