Nr.3 ended with: “There is some mysterious power in that book! (The Bible). Not only did it seem to draw me to read more and more, it started doing something in my heart. A real struggle started!” Yes, and as I read more and more, I began to sense that God was after me. I wasn’t even sure there was a God. I had never been in an evangelical church and did not know anything about the real gospel, or the terms being saved, born again and things like that. However, this inner sense of God wanting me increased and strangely enough, I can’t explain it, but deep inside somewhere I felt that I was to surrender to God, but also, that if I did He would call me to be a preacher and that really scared me to death. The only preachers I had ever seen were a couple ministers in liberal churches with dead serious faces who did not laugh and certainly didn’t tell jokes, both of which I really enjoy! 🙂 That was the picture I had of a preacher, and that, never! Yet I kept on reading and couldn’t stop, due to what I believe now as the work of God’s Spirit in answer to my mother’s daily prayers for me. Much later I discovered that she had had a real conversion experience at 16 years of age, but never talked about it as she had no assurance of faith, and as those things were never talked about in her church. Neither did I know that a few students at a Bible College in Saskatchewan were praying for me, one of whom was the young man who told me to read the Bible, the brother of what had been my best friend, Martin. They were praying for Martin and his wild friend. I didn’t know then either that one of those students, a young lady would later become my wife, and she didn’t know that the wild friend she was praying for and whose name she didn’t even know, would later become her husband! (Go to Musings)

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