Nr.10 ended with: “So I told the Lord that I wasn’t able to quit my smoking addiction, but I was willing, could He help me? I was faced with the first test of my newfound faith, would believing in God make a difference?”

I decided to stop, but smoke a few more days, and did I ever! J, but then I threw the half pack that was left on with the manure pile, never to touch a cigarette again. It was amazing how I experienced God’s presence and power. I discovered then and I would in the future that every time we take a step of obedience for God, He makes Himself more real to us and gives us new power. Believing in God made indeed a tremendous difference, the experience I had may not mean much to you, but for me, as a very young Christian, this was a real miracle, to be set free from something I had not been able to conquer on my own.

And then a second miracle was to happen, it was nothing big, but it set the tone for the rest of my life. Seeing the Lord had called me into His service, I felt I should trust Him to meet my needs and never to ask anyone for money. And so now also, I needed money, I did not have enough to cover all costs, but I did not tell anyone about this, except the Lord. During this time I was going to meetings, reading my Bible and growing in spiritual things. Because I was attending these meetings, people got to know me and my plans for going to Bible College. Several gave me a financial gift, even though they didn’t know my financial situation at all. However, about one or two weeks before leaving, I was short of a certain amount; I won’t give any figures because the value of money 52 years ago was so different. So what to do now? My prayer was, “Lord are you there, are you real, can I trust you?” The answer came in a much unexpected way…….! (Go to Musings)

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