Nr.9 ended with: “We talked and prayed together and we sent for the application forms. The question was, would they accept someone like me who had just become a Christian. And not only that, but where would I get the money to go? I had none………!”

Well, I didn’t wait for the application forms to return, because I knew I would be accepted, the Lord would look after that, seeing He had called me! So I started planning on leaving for Bible College about the middle of September. Martin, Henry and I would travel together in Henry’s Volkswagen Beetle. I informed the farmer I was working for that I would be leaving then; he was quite surprised to hear that his hired man was going to study to become a preacher! I think he thought it was a bit of a joke and smiled! 🙂

But now I had to tackle the problem of where to get the money to go. I really had nothing except a bit of debt. I still had a few months to work and I had an old car I could sell, but I wouldn’t get much for it. So I prayed and asked the Lord for help. I reminded Him that I was going because He called me and I asked that He would provide for me in some way. The first thing He told me was to quite blowing money up in smoke. How did I know He was telling me that? I won’t explain that now, but will come back to that at a later date. I smoked heavily which was costing quite a bit. But I had tried a number of times before to quit, but couldn’t. Only people who are or have been addicted to something will understand me. Now be careful, I do not condemn anyone who smokes, that is a personal matter, but for me it had to stop, if I wanted the Lord to help me. So I told the Lord that I wasn’t able to quit, but I was willing, could He help me? I was faced with the first test of my new-found faith, would believing in God make a difference……..? (Go to Musings)

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