The Star and the Pony.


More than 2000 years ago, some magi in the east saw a “star”. Somehow, they determined that this “star” was a sign of the birth of a Jewish king, and they set out and traveled to Jerusalem to find and worship this new king. We all know the story of the Babe of Bethlehem. Some people believe that because it happened so long ago, it must be just a myth, a cute story, however many of us know better and believe that this was something supernatural. A little over 100 years ago something similar happened in Burma, in a sense much like the “star” story. Don Richardson, in his wonderful book, “Eternity in their hearts” writes that in Burma, Thailand and parts of India and China, an area of about the size of Texas, there are a number of Asian people groups, or tribes, the Karen, Naga, Mizo, Kachi, Lahu and Kui. The Wa tribe, about 100,000 people, were head hunters. Like some other tribes, the WA people also had a man, Pu Chan, who called himself a prophet of the “Skygod.” One morning he called several of his disciples and told them to follow the white pony that he had saddled. He said that Siyeh, the “Skygod” had told him during the night that the pony would lead them to the white man with the lost book. The WA people, like some other tribes had in their folklore, that a white man would come from the west with the long-lost book, which would have the words of the true God. To their great amazement, the pony started going and they followed it. About 200 miles, as the crow flies, the pony led them through mountainous trails and ended up in the city of Kentung, in North East Burma. It walked onto the yard of a mission station and stopped beside a well. The men looked around but did not see anyone. They heard sounds and looked in the well that was still being dug. A white face with a beard and a big smile looked at them and asked, “May I help you?” The messengers asked whether he had brought the book of God. To keep this brief, thousands of WA people became Christians and some time later, 10,000 were baptized, praise God. Now, tell me, how did the pony know where to go? This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Is there a God or isn’t there? I believe God had sent an angel to lead the pony, there is no other explanation. The name of the missionary was William Marcel Young, who had left Nebraska in 1892 for Burma. His son Vincent also became a missionary there. Don Richardson writes that some years ago he visited Vincent in Mentone, California, who showed him a photograph of the white pony. What a remarkable story. God used a Star 2,000 years ago and a pony a little over 100 years ago. Much more is happening all over the world, things we don’t know about. God is at work in many places and in many hearts. The thing that bothers me is, why did these WA people have to wait 2,000 years to receive God’s word of salvation and why are so many still waiting today? What are we doing about that, ask yourself that question?

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