MUSINGS OF AN “OLDER” MAN”. Nr.200. (The End).


Nr.199 ended with: “Next week will be episode 200 and the last one for the time being………..!” (See

Yes, this will be the last episode of “Musings.” I started writing in February of  2013 and I began with this, “My wife and I were just married 50 years (in September 2012) and we have been serving the Lord together for all those years. We would like to share some of our experiences and answers to prayer with the purpose of showing that God is really real!”

So, how did we experience that God is really real? We have found it in His very real guidance, showing us when and where to move to. Also in the way He provided for us all these years, so often in miraculous ways. We have felt His presence and peace. And as the Word was preached, we have seen Him working in the hearts and lives of people, many becoming born again Christians, many lives and marriages being changed, just wonderful. In Bible studies, prayer meetings, church meetings, and conferences all over Europe, we have experienced the powerful working of His Spirit and we have been filled with the joy of the Lord. Oh yes, God is real indeed!

We would like to thank the Christians in Belgium for the joy they have brought to our hearts, how we miss them. We had expected to make a trip to Belgium by now, but due to poor health, this has not been possible. But we keep in touch by phone, Facebook and email. You are very dear to us.

We also want to take the opportunity here to thank the believers of our home church for all the years they have stood with us. And also other churches and Christians who have prayed for us and supported us financially. God has done great things in Belgium and Europe and this has been because of the teamwork of those going and others staying and supporting.

And we want to make mention that in all our comings and goings, and moving from place to place as God led us, our daughters Rosa, Lily and Renee were part of our work, helping in new Sunday schools, Bible clubs, camps and other activities. We are so thankful that all three know the Lord. Rosa lives across the road from us in her own apartment. Lily and her husband Bart are at present in South Africa for one year, after which they will return to Belgium. Their two oldest daughters are both married to Englishmen and the second daughter Kaat is expecting her first child in October of this year, 2016. The youngest daughter, Hanne is living in England too and continues her theological studies. Our youngest daughter Renee lives here in Elmira and works with mentally challenged people. The last time we were all together as a family was our 50th wedding anniversary in 2012.

And now I must close. We could have written so much more, but……..! I plan to continue to write stories and articles on Facebook and on our Blog, When you go there and click on “Follow” you will get my next article in your email inbox.

A last thank you to all our readers and especially those who have sent us meaningful words and comments. May God bless you all.

Richard and Marina.

P.S. Your HONEST opinion, would it be worthwhile to put this, with some necessary changes of course, into book format? (

5 thoughts on “MUSINGS OF AN “OLDER” MAN”. Nr.200. (The End).

  1. ken hoffman

    Hi Richard thanks for your writing I have enjoyed reading about your journey, and the faithfulness of God! I am sure this should be preserved in a book for others to benefit from.

    In Christ


  2. YES!! A book would be a great idea, in my opinion. Might I suggest a summary page every few chapters, inviting the reader to recall the evidence and working of God seen in that block of chapters, maybe with pertinent Scripture verses for further meditation. That way they are reminded of the reason the book was written, and not just move through quickly as being simply an inspiring story.

    Thanks for this series. It has been a challenge and blessing to me.

    Enjoy the Lord


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  3. Melvin Frey

    You have received some very insightful comments already and I would echo an encouragement for a book. Of course, the cost would have to be considered, and based on that a decision be made. If the costs are too much for you, please communicate same. We could possibly help.


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