4 thoughts on “Beautiful, for those who have a loved one in heaven.

  1. Jenny Samyn

    Prachtige tekst, heel mooi en vertroosrend.Hoe gaat het met je anneurisma Richard, ben je al geopereerd, of blijft het stabiel nu ?En hoe gaat het met Marina, kun je nog voor haar zorgen?Ik wens jullie het beste en Gods rijke zegenGroetjes JennyVerzonden vanaf Samsung-tablet.

  2. Donna Turner

    Wonderful and comforting truths dear Richard. Thanks for posting. Have you just lost a loved one? Praying for you and Marina as you wait on the Father to open up just the right care facility for Marina especially, as well as somewhere where there could also be a place for you to be close to her! What was the result of your last CAT scan of your aneurysm? Is surgery scheduled for you as yet? My heart surgery, to replace my defective aortic valve by open heart surgery, has been put off for another year or so, and I praise God that His timing in both our heart surgeries is perfect! love and prayers for you both, Donna

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